Willow Creek Landmarks

Ironside Mountain

18 miles east on Hwy 299 near Burnt Ranch.

Ironside Lookout

On top of Ironside Mountain.

Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation

12 square miles plus extension. This is the largest Indian reservation in California.

South Fork Mountain

The longest unbroken mountain ridge in the nation (50 miles). Take Forest Service Highway (1) from Berry Summit.

New River Gorge Vista Point

Travel east on Hwy 299 near Burnt Ranch.


Site of old Indian village at the confluence of the South Fork of the Trinity and main stem of the Trinity Rivers.

Indian Village at Hoopa

Travel on Hwy 96 to the Hoopa Indian Reservation. For tours contact the Hupa Tribal Museum.

Groves Prairie

High alpine meadow; 11 miles east on Hwy 299. Take Denny Road approximately 2 miles and turn left on Forest Road 7N04. Continue to Groves Prairie.