Willow Creek Activities


Perhaps the most popular activity along the Trinity River is fishing. The spring and fall salmon runs and the fall and winter steelhead fishing have thrilled fishermen from ancient times right up to today. Weather, with particular emphasis on rainfall and water temperatures, impacts the dates and numbers of fish for the seasons. Spring salmon generally appear in the Willow Creek area around the first week of May and the fishing stays hot through mid June. Fall run salmon are plentiful in late September and early October in the Willow Creek area. In recent years there has been a substantial winter run from December into spring. Steelhead begin appearing in the Trinity in mid August with a strong run in September and October with half pounders arriving ahead of the bigger fish. In the winter months, drift boats take many fish in the 7 to 15 pound category. Return­ing steelhead are fished through the month of March. Local merchants, fishermen and drift fishing outfitters are good sources of fishing information.

Paddle Sports

Willow Creek has many world class rivers to run, within a 45 minute drive. The legendary Klamath is California's premier multi-day river trip. The Cal-Salmon offers a class V section of whitewater run by the experts. The versatile upper Trinity of­fers a classic class III run of moderate rapids, followed by the Burnt Ranch Gorge, one of the toughest runs in the state. The lower Trinity is a wonderful, wild and scenic section that attracts canoeists and tubers.


The Lower Trinity is a superb swimming river. Warm clear waters along with 90+ summer days allow you to spend an entire day at the beach. If you like to people watch, try Kimtu or Bigrock Beach. If seclusion is your choice, a spot might be Tish Tang, Horse Linto Creek, Sandy Bar or one of the many side tributaries.


For a change of pace, consider playing a round of golf at the Bigfoot Golf & Country Club lo­cated in Willow Creek. The nine hole par 35 course is open year round. Club and cart rentals are available.


First rate productions are held at Redbud Theatre located in Salyer, five miles east of Willow Creek. Outdoor Comedy Theatre is located behind Cinnabar Sam's restaurant in downtown Willow Creek.

Farms and Orchards

Fresh corn, juicy vine ripened tomatoes and the jewels of the valley, peaches, are just some of the local produce you can en­joy while visiting. Visit our road side stands for the freshest qual­ity produce around.


An abundant bird population thrives in the lower Trinity Valley. Naturalists have listed 173 different birds that can be seen every year in the valley. Of this number, 68 species are common, 59 are considered uncommon, and 46 are considered rare. For the devoted bird watcher, finding those rare birds is the most exciting of experiences. A check list that includes all three types is available at the Tour­ist Information Booth in Willow Creek.

Scenic Drives

When on top of the ridges you might be able to see forever. At selected viewpoints from the U.S. Forest Route #1, you can view Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Ocean simultaneously! A spring trip along highway 299 to Weaverville will dazzle you with the explo­sion of Redbud and Dogwood. Enter the heartland of the Trinity Alps and drive to Denny or visit Brush Mountain Lookout or see fresh hatchlings at the Hoss Linton Creek Fish Hatchery.


For the patient person, consider viewing some of our more reclusive friends. During their evening feeding times many animals reveal themselves for a brief period of time. Ringtail cats, bear, beaver, deer and night birds are all there for the observant eye.

Day Treks

A hike to Grays Falls or Burnt Ranch Falls of the Trinity is simply awe inspiring. Observe the tremendous thunder of the river and in the fall watch the struggle of the salmon as they jump the rapids. A hike around Ammon Prairie in the summer will bring back memories of a simpler time. Pick fruit from the old aban­doned orchards. A walk through Groves Prairie is as magical as the high country can be.


Sheltered between the coastal redwood forests and the rug­ged Trinity Alps, the Klamath-Trinity region continues to be one of the least visited areas of the slate.Consequently. reserva­tions are not needed to stay in many U.S. Forest Service campgrounds to be found here. The Six Rivers National Forest offers many rustic sites where you can just go ahead and pitch your tent. Willow Creek is a convenient "base camp" for the Trin­ity Alps Wilderness Area as well as the Marble Mountain Wilder­ness Area. The rugged granite peaks and alpine lakes of the Trin­ity Alps rival those of Yosemite, yet on most trips you will not see any other people.

Organized Activities
  • Bigfoot Days - Labor Day weekend: Parade, booths, games, BBQ, horseshoes, baseball tournaments, live music, dances, ice cream social
  • Adult Dances - Redbud Theatre and Veteran's Hall
  • Slow Pitch Softball - Weeknight games, weekend tournaments
  • College of the Redwoods - Physical education classes, volleyball, basketball, weight training held at the local schools