The Hoopa Project - Bigfoot Encounters in California The_Hoopa_Project

the hoopa project
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By: David Paulides
Publisher: Hancock House; 1 edition (August 31, 2008)
Paperback: 336 pages
Language: English

David Paulides, a former police investigator, has applied his skills to questioning Bigfoot witnesses. The results he has achieved in gaining access to witnesses and getting detailed information from them is both remarkable and intriguing. A commissioned forensic police artist meet with witnesses and sketch the creatures as they saw them. These drawings provide insights into the creature's nature never realized before. On October 2, 1958, Jerry Crew, a road construction worker, found unusual, large human-like footprints near his bulldozer, in a road under construction, near Bluff Cree in Northern California. He had seeing same type of footprint before, but this time he made a plaster cast to preserve the evidence, and reported the findings to a local newspaper, referring to the creature that made them as Bigfoot.

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