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By: Stella Walthall Patterson
Publisher: Naturegraph Publishers; 1982 ed edition (October 1982)
Paperback: 261 pages
Language: English

"Dear Mad'm by Stella Patterson is simply delightful.

This is a story of an 80-year-old woman who leaves her San Francisco comfort and stays in a rustic cabin on a miming claim near Happy Camp in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Her adventures are heartwarming. Her strength and endurance are admirable. And her courage and frankness are gratifying.

Here is a woman and senior citizen who proves to the world and her family that she can still be needed and that she can still live her own life.

Young and old alike will enjoy this book. I recommend it as reading for all age groups, it is simply 260 pages of good, clean fun."

(Auburn Journal Sunday Magazine, February 20, 1983)

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