Bigfoot Museum in Northern California

Don’t Laugh, there really is a Bigfoot Museum that you can go visit in Northern California. In fact, Michael Medved, a political host who is nationally syndicated has discussed in his shows that he is a believer of Bigfoot.

Willow Creek is located in Northern California and is about a six hour drive from San Francisco. The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum has a section about Bigfoot. The City is the Capital of Bigfoot and here you can find the Bigfoot Motel and eat a Bigfoot burger.

The area surrounding the Museum and motel is majestic. This is a popular area where many adventurers go fishing. The Bigfoot attraction is surrounded by the Six Rivers National Forest and shares land with the Trinity River.

The museum was built in this area because it is believed that Willow Creek, California has had more Bigfoot sightings than anywhere else in the world.

Willow Creek used to be an old Gold Rush town but is known more for the famous footage of Bigfoot that was taken by Bigfoot hunter, Roger Patterson.

If you want to know more about this area. Check out this blog. Interesting read and an attraction that has got to peak your interest next time you are in Willow Creek, California.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum is the acquisition, display and custodial care of objects representing the history and legacy of the Klamath-Trinity area of Northwestern California.

Its purpose is to publicly inform, educate and celebrate the area's rich cultural diversity and to also maintain, preserve and publicly display the Bigfoot and Sasquatch collection.