America The Strange: 5 Exceptionally Bizarre California Attractions

Over the next number of weeks we’ll be travelling from state to state to bring you the strangest, most outlandish (yet highly interesting) U.S roadside attractions. We’ll take you off the beaten path, far from the Disneylands and the Knott’s Berry Farms, and deep into the heartland of the bizarre.

We start off our America The Strange Series in the nations most populous state, California. Hold onto your hats folks, things are about to get very weird.

Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum: Willow Creek, California

If you’ve ever wanted a peak at a real-live Sasquatch, Willow Creek just might be your best shot; it’s the location of the most recorded Bigfoot sightings in the world.

The museum boasts a staggering array of evidence, including footprints, photographs, and official archives, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that big-foot is for real (though maybe not in a court of law).

Though no living Sasquatches were spotted on this journey, the twenty-five foot beast standing over the museum serves as reasonable enough facsimile.

Source: Jurnii

Mission Statement

The mission of the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum is the acquisition, display and custodial care of objects representing the history and legacy of the Klamath-Trinity area of Northwestern California.

Its purpose is to publicly inform, educate and celebrate the area's rich cultural diversity and to also maintain, preserve and publicly display the Bigfoot and Sasquatch collection.