UPCOMING EVENT: Christmas Bazaar: December 5-8 and 12-15. Hours: 10 am - 4 pm
Come and see our local's handmade and homemade goods. This is a great place to shop for your holiday gifts.

When traveling the Trinity Highway stop in for a visit to our local Museum located in Willow Creek, just an hour from the coast of Arcata on Highway 299. The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum was started by a few folks, in 1988, interested in preserving history pertaining to the eastern part of Humboldt County and the western portion of Trinity County. We have many very interesting “things from the past” your children will love to see, from “the good old days” we tell them about, or they’ve read in school. You’ll enjoy the ‘trip down memory lane’ yourself and if you don’t know about these times, come and see what it was like way back before you were born.

One of our big attractions of course is the… "Bigfoot exhibit" containing generous donations of items including Bigfoot foot print casts, Bigfoot pictures, maps, and other papers exhibited in a building specifically built to house this collection. The upstairs of this Bigfoot Collection building houses a research center that has items pertaining to Humboldt County and Trinity County. We update The Bigfoot exhibit as new items come in, so when you stop in to see it you will see the latest of our collection.

The first folks that inhabited this region from the previous 10,000 years were Indian tribes including the Hupa, Yurok, Karok, Chimariko and Wintu. The museum has a collection of Indian artifacts of the various tribes from the surrounding area.

The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum shop has a great collection of Bigfoot books for sale and lots of super Bigfoot souvenirs for the young and old.

Remember, when traveling always have a camera in the glove box, just in case you run into Bigfoot.